The Parent Cafe™

A supportive space for burned out Moms to find support and learn powerful ways to connect and engage cooperation from our kids.

Community + Q & A + Coffee

I can get my kids to cooperate without the yelling, time-outs or threats??

YES!!! You absolutely can and we will teach you how. Start today and transform your parenting with the guidance from a professional and a village of support.

Why The Parent Cafe™?

✔️ The Parent Cafe It’s the first step to better understanding your child. When you understand the “why” behaving behavior, you can cultivate the energy and patience to respond to it in a way that doesn’t leave either of you angry.

✔️ The community is a month to month membership, designed for both new and experienced parents that really want to know the "why" behind the behavior instead of playing a whack-a-mole everyday.

✔️ The Parent Cafe™ is different than other parenting programs. We know you are are the expert on your child. We are going to help you uncover that. Afterall, you will be the most influential person in your child’s life.

✔️ It’s a no judgement zone community of Moms, just like you.

✔️ It's affordable for all parents. No need to drop hundreds of dollars on extensive courses that teach you how to continue to target the behavior instead of the “why” behind behavior.

✔️ We have a private facebook group for you to collaborate, network, and meet other Moms locally and nationally.

✔️ You get access to a professional, on a weekly basis to get your parenting questions answered.
Stay as long or little as you want.

Ready to spend less energy on punishments and get your child to cooperate? I’m here to help you do just that

Mom to Mom truth. You will not see results immediately. I’m not promising you magic and quick strategies that will turn your child into the perfect obedient trophy child.  

You’ve probably read a bunch of blogs and books on parenting, feeling more confused and still wondering if you’re doing the right thing and not scarring your child for life.

Maybe some of those “strategies” worked in gaining immediate cooperation, but you keep having the same problems leaving you more and more frustrated with your kids.

You want to do better, be a better parent and feel more joy but you constantly find yourself irritable and annoyed by your child.

And then there’s the guilt from feeling that way.

Here's why you want to join The Parent Cafe™

It's a safe space for Moms to vent, feel supported and learn ways to parent without burning out

Weekly Support for New Moms & Experienced Moms

Deep dives into the "why" behind your kid's behavior & "how" to manage it

Learn all about Parenting with the Brain in mind and feel confident that you are doing the right thing

Completely judgment-free community. Come as you are.

Weekly access, support and Q & A with a professional to guide you.

Your worst nightmare might be raising a child who is defiant and uncooperative with adults.
Or it might be, raising a child that you just can’t stand anymore.

You see other Moms and kid and wish your child wasn’t the only one that challenged you and tested your limits. Right?

The biggest gap I see in parenting models or books is the lack of insight on how the brain has everything to do with behavioral dysregulation.

How does the neuroscience guide effective parenting for long-term results?

Neuroscience informs us that a dysregulated brain cannot regulate on its own (timeouts) or with another dysregulated adult (angry reacting parent). We must meet dysregulation (acting out/tantrums) with regulation and compassionate firm limits. We show you exactly how to do that.

Parenting out of fear 

When we parent from a place of fear or dread, we are inviting power struggles. Not only does this lead to power struggles, but also disrupts your relationship with your child and creates more distance and distance between both of you

Can you relate to this?

It’s the morning rush hour at home, you can’t get your child to get his clothes on, you feel pressured because you need to be somewhere and your child will be tardy. You start with some threats, it doesn’t work. Now you move into yelling…which evolves into a major consequence or punishment. All this while, you’re think of the next punishment because you already know, he’s going to fight this consequence. After taking it up a notch with a high level threat/punishment or consequence (and a throbbing head) you finally get some cooperation. You both get in the car, drop off your child and just feel drained and like crap. It’s only 8:30am. You possibly do it all over again the next morning.  All this leaves you feeling defeaed, frustrated, angry and a “bad” parent.

Now imagine this...

+ Imagine knowing how to set firm limits that allow your child to have a choice but also cooperate  

+ Imagine feeling confident about the way you parent, because it aligns with what neuroscience tells us about the brain and dysregulation in humans.

+ Imagine meeting your child’s dysregulation with your regulation, so he can slow down his nervous system to meet yours and eventually cooperate

+ Imagine knowing your child’s triggers so you can defuse the trigger before it turns into a tantrum

+ Imagine being able get through the door every day without the yelling match and a string of punishments

+ Imagine spending less time and energy on deciding on a punishment, more time and energy on strengthening your connection so you don’t have to battle for cooperation.

+ Imagine a future where you have hiccups or tantrums, but you know just the way to defuse them.

+ Imagine having more energy and desire to be around your kids.


An online meet-up every week, on Thursday, where we take a deep dive into tantrums, aggression, dysregulation, parenting AND the Neuroscience behind it all. Live Q & A too!  

The Parent Cafe™ is not a source of mental health counseling or a replacement for it. I provide in depth psychoeducation, answer questions, lead discussions, help Moms learn and practice compassionate and connection based parenting, keeping the Brain in mind.

The burned out mom, that feels like parenting is a painfully frustrating chore, she's tried everything and just can't keep doing things that don't work. The New Mom, who is transitioning into motherhood and Parenting and often wonders "Am I doing this parenting things right?". The Experienced Mom that needs a supportive village with all the ups and downs in Parenting. The "I'm at the end of my rope" Mom, that's done with time-outs, consequences and punishments that don't work. The Curious Mom, that wants to learn how to parent and manage difficult behaviors with compassion and a deep understanding of the intersection between parenting and neuroscience. The "Why is my kid like this" Mom, that wants to find other Moms that can understand exactly what she's going through, without any judgement or criticism. The Lonely Mom, that wants to learn how to do all this, not alone-- but with the guidance of a professional and support from a community of Moms just like her! This community is ideal for Moms/Caregivers of young children, 7 and under.

Caregivers that are trying to find personalized therapy or counseling support during the weekly group meet-ups. Caregivers of children with special needs. We sincerely believe children with unique needs are best cared for by professionals that specialize in in providing those unique needs. We are happy to share referrals.

We meet for 60 minutes, Live on Zoom. The first 20-30 minutes covers psychoeducation on a specific topic, followed by about 30 minutes of collaborative discussion and conversation in the group; what challenges you’re facing, what works, what isn’t working, what resources you need, etc).

I've been helping and supporting Moms and Caregivers for over 10 years now, through parenting consultation, support and individual therapy. I frequently receive messages from friends, family and community members on social media asking for clarification or guidance on how to practice gentle and connection based parenting. I would envision myself sitting in a really cool local cafe, sipping on some craft coffee, talking about motherhood and parenthood, with Moms just like me, all day! So I got a little creative, embraced technology and here we are!

Totally fine, with no hard feelings. No long term commitments or contracts. Join and leave anytime. Although we think you’ll love hanging out with us :)

All meetings are hosted and led by Heena Khan, our Founder. However, in the future, based on this community's needs-your needs, we plan to have guest speakers on various topics of interest for new and experienced Moms.

Not sure if this community is for you...

This is for you if...

✔️ You are open to learning new ways of parenting based on neuroscience
✔️ You want to influence your children with love & connection instead of fear and threats.
✔️ You want long term results
✔️ You are tired of disciplining behavior after behavior
✔️ You don't like the way you parent right now
✔️ You feel overwhelmed and often wonder if you're messing up
✔️ You are ready to find joy in your kids again  
✔️ You want access to a professional for Q & A
✔️ You want to learn how to build a solid relationship with your child that will be worth every penny in the years to come (think middle school/high school)
✔️ You are a new or experienced parent
✔️ You want to join a community of Moms just like you

This is not for you if…

👀 You want quick fixes, and instant cooperation from your kids.
👀 You are more focused on changing your child's behavior instead of understanding it.
👀 You are looking for or actually needing individual therapy.
 👀 You already know ALL the tips and tricks to parenting.
 👀 You have the energy and time to come up with new punishments and level up your consequences for misbehavior.
👀 You want to continue doom scrolling IG pages and read parenting books/blogs with no long term resolution.
👀 You are not quite convinced of the parenting with connection and attunement approach.

Hi, I'm Heena Khan

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor &
Registered Play Therapist Supervisor
Certified Yoga Teacher

I'm, here to help you take all that invaluable knowledge about the brain, body and regulation into actionable, doable steps to building a stronger relationship with your kids so that time spent with family doesn't have to be all about managing acting out behaviors!
I will be hosting and facilitating the online weekly support meetings at The Parent Cafe™. After years of providing play therapy and parenting support, I found a new way to help Moms/Caregivers. The Parent Cafe™ is a supportive community I built where New Moms can transition into motherhood and parenting, where Experienced Moms/Caregivers of young children can learn connection (neuroscience) based parenting together and support each other. One of my favorite things to do every week is to help frustrated Moms/caregivers learn effective, self-care and connection based, gentle parenting so you can experience long term success as your kids continue to grow and develop.

Find support as you transition to motherhood and parenting AND learn new ways of gaining cooperation from your child without the yelling and time-outs 

The Parent Cafe™ is a community where we empower Moms to become the parent they always wanted to be

Become the parent that knows how to decode their child's behavior

Your future self will thank you.

Monthly Subscription that costs less than what you spend on coffee every month! 

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